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We undertook two main businesses under its stated mission: A decade ahead – today's cutting edge technology to shape the future.
The first of the Group's businesses is the AI Cloud & Consulting business, through which the Group offers packaged cloud tools and tailormade algorithms based on modules that leverage machine learning and other advanced technologies to improve operations in many industries centered on the real estate industry.
The Group's second business is the Real Estate business. This business consists of real estate distribution operations, including the real estate brokerage business that has been advanced and streamlined through the aggressive introduction of technology by a group of real estate professionals, and smart home services developing and selling high added-value condominiums applying IoT technologies.
We are identifying potential applications for machine learning and other advanced technologies in our real estate business where we encounter operational inefficiencies and problems. We are working to increase efficiency and competitiveness by introducing these technologies in the internal operations. At the same time, we are creating tools that promote and streamline the industry. These tools, born out of digital innovation in the real estate business and polished by the feedback of internal use, are provided to other customers in the real estate and financial industry. We are also developing a distinct business model to provide differentiated consulting services to customers in a wide range of industries, by applying the modules, which are the basis of the tools.
Close involvement in its own real estate business practices help effectively us provide very useful AI solutions and cloud tools.
We contribute to the DX and expansion of businesses in many industries, including real estate and finance, by maximizing customer value through the utilization of "highly practical technology backed by real business".

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Kazuo Nishiyama
President, CEO